Steenbokfontein Historical Tour

Enjoy a variety of excursions that is on offer on the Steenbokfontein farm. “Die Plaaskombuis” is situated on the Steenbokfontein farm, which has been in the Burger family since 1831. Kitta Burger transformed the original historic farm house into a quaint farm-style restaurant in 1990, where she still uses traditional cooking methods and wood burning ovens to prepare authentic dishes from the Sandveld region.

There is a small farm-museum at “Die Plaaskombuis” that has original artefacts from the sunken HMS Sybille that sank off the coast at Steenbokfontein on 16 January 1901. Kitta Burger has done thorough research and knows all about the history of the sunken Sybille and the family history of the Burgers.

Permit holders can also visit the historic Khoisan Caves on the farm, where the University of Cape Town's department of Archaeology did extensive excavations and research in 1993 at the caves on Steenbokfontein.

There are handprints and other paintings to view and researchers estimate some of the paintings to be 6000 years old.

Steenbokfontein Historical Tour Itinerary

• Pick-up at designated area.
• Drive to farm 7km outside Lambert’s Bay.
• Enjoy tea & scones with legendary folk-story teller Kitta Burger and view the artefacts of the sunken HMS Sybille in the small farm-museum.
• Go on a guided tour to the KhoiSan caves.
• Visit the Labyrinth and hear the stories of the Bushman Ghosts.

Package includes

• Registered and accredited tour guide
• Tea & scones at Die Plaaskombuis
• Transportation if needed to the caves or walking tour


• 3 hours - 9:00am to 12:00pm
• Summer season – morning tours only
• Winter season – weather permitting


Pricing is based on the number of guests. Enquire for a quote.

Please bring your own

Sun hat & sun screen, insect repellent, camera, walking stick, comfortable walking shoes

Please note

• The Caves is a National Memorial and only permit holders may visit the Caves.
• Terms and Conditions apply.

Optional or additional - for your own account

• Tractor & wagon ride
• Lunch at Plaaskombuis - min of 6 guests
• Advance booking essential

Duration  2-3 hours Cost  Based on the number of guests